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Ex partners with your children

2020.08.22 14:20 jaybolic Ex partners with your children

Thing that really fucks me off in this life is there is dads out there who couldn't give a flying fuck about there kids, and all the mothers want is for them to spend time with there children. Then u get the dads who have there children every day after work every singal weekend takes them out to parks on holiday ect....and because u want to move on with your life the ex/mother decides that there not alloud with u if there is another woman on the scene. Little do they forget how there ex partners turn up to the door where my children are with knifes and trying to kick the door in but strange how they dont take that into account, i have been the one who has been there through eveything picked her up when her boyfriend hit her done everything down to going shops going to inlaws Birthdays because they couldnt be bothered. But no im the bad guy once again im done with all the toxic fucks out there who manipulate and fuck with guys heads its just sad... If u have a good father that loves your child please do not be selfish just let them move on with there life and dont try and rewin there relationship with there just because u are angry at them.
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2020.07.09 16:47 RedPillDetox Red Pill Detox First Aid Kit - Start Here!

Welcome! Wether you feel like Red Pill has brought you more harm than good or you simply wish to question Red Pill views you're on the right place. This post is composed by a collection of scientific and rational posts from different authors, both in reddit and other websites, to help former red pillers (men and women) to recover from red pill.
Through this series of posts you're gonna find scientific and reasonable arguments with the aim of at least making you start questioning what you "learned" on TRP. Open discussion is encouraged, as long as it's respectable and (also) backed scientificly and/or logical (no pseudoscience). Please, note that i do not really wish to "disprove" TRP nor forbid you to follow it: Actually, i believe that everybody is entitled to believe and follow the path they wish to, even if they chose the path that we, former TRPers, personally disagree with and don't advise to anyone. Rather, i desire to raise skepticism on you and make you start questioning what you believe, with science, reason and empathy. But in the end, you're free to chose your own path, to see whatyou agree with and decide what's right or wrong in both TRP and our arguments.
Your friend,
Red Pill Detox
Posts from reddit:
Posts on the web:
Note: This post is constantly updated
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2020.07.06 04:57 itsbecomeselfaware Looking for advice on smell in bathroom.

Hi everyone me and my partner moved into our first home last year and have been noticing a strange urine like smell in the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. The smell comes and goes and it seems to be when it is hot out. It is never there in the winter. We have scrubbed and scrubbed but the smell does not go away until the temperature goes down. We noticed it when we moved in last summer and had not noticed it when we viewed the home in spring. The smell went away in fall and has now returned this summer. For more details our home is a singal family home with a dugout. It is also definitely not the washer as it is new and I've smelled that to check and have been cleaning it regularly. Looking for advice on how to fix this issue.
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2020.06.28 13:10 Hanan019 One Year Cold Approach Challenge - Day 31 Progress Report (2 numbers and 1 email)

Today was a great day with lots of conversations. I went out looking good in a blazer and all. I had good reactions from all the women. Also I used the artistic and creative opener with all of them and it actually works great because I am getting the hang of transitions as well. I got 2 numbers and 1 email today. I still forgot to record my interactions today.
Interaction 1 - I saw this girl waiting at the opposite side of the singal. I told her that I was on my way home and told her she had an artistic look. Turned out she was an artist and was into photography and other things. We talked about our for a while and then I stacked that she looks like she is from England but she said she is actually from Russia. I told her I could not tell as she had an English accent. Then we talked a bit more and I told her that I had to go but I would like to meet her again and would like her number. She said she doesn't use WhatsApp and don't remember her number so she can only give me her email. I said ok and got her email and left.
Interaction 2 - I saw thus girl on her break smoking vape outside and went up to her. I used the artistics opener and she said is not an artist. I asked her what she does and she said what she works in a store. I challenged by saying that will probably be not her dream job. She said she wants to travel with her partner. We talked about it a bit and then found out she was from USA. I said I have to go but she seems like a cool person so I would still like to add her in my socail circle and get her number. She is like sure and I got her number.
Interaction 3 - I went to a mall and I saw this girl eating lunch so I guessed she was probably on her break. I went up to her that I liked her style and she said thanks. I continued with I like thw glittery look on the shirt and she said it's actually her uniform. Then she said sorry but she has to make a call and I said ok and left
Interaction 4 - I went to the food court and saw this women as she was waiting for her food. I went up to her and use to artistic opener. She replied with she isn't an artist. I said then what do you do and she said she is a personal trainer. I talked about that with her and told her about my experience with fitness. Then I stacked with she didn't look like from here but she said she was and I said she has a Swedish look. Then her food was ready so before I could close, she said she has to go so she took her food and went to her friends
Interaction 5 - I was going back home and saw this girl enter H&M so I went after her and told her she looked artistic. She said she was far from artistic as she was studying to become a lawyer. We bantered about it and I still asked if she likes reading anything artistic to which she said her second major was politics. I teased her on that and then asked her where she was from. She was Norwegian and then said that she has to continue shopping. I said one sec before you go and asked her for her number. She said she is in a relationship and I said cool. One thing with this approach was that a store lady saw me just before I approached her but I paid no attention to her
Interaction 6 - I saw this girl at a bus stop while I was going home. She actually had an artist look so I told her that and turned out she was an artist. She was into painting and fashion. We talked about her arts background and I told her about my experience. Then I asked her if she was German but she said she is from here and we talked about it and I told her where I was from. Her bus was almost here so I asked for her number and she said she has boyfriend, so I told her to give me her number and she can be in my socail circle. She said cool and I got her number.
I guess dressing up well and using the artistic opener helps for sure. I was told by people that I was actually looking good today.
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2020.01.01 22:46 missbp2189 WaPo: Gamergate 2014 timetravelled to make "...vicious tactics of online argumentation into the political mainstream." Journolist 2008: "Call them racist ... live in a state of constant fear" washingtonpost / Alyssa Rosenberg / Dec. 26, 2019 / A cliffhanger end to a decade that married politics and culture
Trump was hardly the only person using culture to transform politics. Aggrieved video game fans launched harassment campaigns against a number of female and LGBT game critics and artists, inspired by a conspiratorial memo that dressed up vengeful sentiments about the author’s former partner as concerns about journalistic ethics. Figures such as provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and former Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon saw the controversy as an opportunity to recruit disaffected young men to the alt-right. This so-called GamerGate became a sewer pipeline, dumping the vicious tactics of online argumentation into the political mainstream.
How did Gamergate, which started from 2014, go back in time to 2008 to convince Spencer Ackerman of the Journolist listserv, to "call them racist" and "let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear."? daily caller / Jonathan Strong / 1:15 AM 07/20/2010 / Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright
The members began collaborating on their open letter. Jonathan Stein of Mother Jones rejected an early draft, saying, “I’d say too short. In my opinion, it doesn’t go far enough in highlighting the inanity of some of [Gibson’s] and [Stephanopoulos’s] questions. And it doesn’t point out their factual inaccuracies …Our friends at Media Matters probably have tons of experience with this sort of thing, if we want their input.” wsj / James Taranto / 20 jul 2010: 'Call Them Racists' How "journolists" tried to suppress the news.
But Ackerman was not engaging in a public debate; he was privately strategizing about how to suppress the news. And his fellow journolists, while disagreeing with him, did so "only on strategic grounds":
Most damning is a long quote from a Spencer Ackerman, who worked for something called the Washington Independent:
I do not endorse a Popular Front, nor do I think you need to. It's not necessary to jump to Wright-qua-Wright's defense. What is necessary is to raise the cost on the right of going after the left. In other words, find a rightwinger's [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear. Obviously I mean this rhetorically.
And I think this threads the needle. If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down, no matter what we choose, we lose the game they've put upon us. Instead, take one of them--Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares--and call them racists. Ask: why do they have such a deep-seated problem with a black politician who unites the country? What lurks behind those problems? This makes them sputter with rage, which in turn leads to overreaction and self-destruction.
How did Gamergate (2014) influence gamejournopros (2010) to be shills? Oh god someone stole the time machine again! thisisvideogames:
GameJournoPros is a now-defunct private Google Group consisting of 150 writers, bloggers, and editors from various game news sites and media outlets. The mailing list, group members, and various leaked email conversations have sparked online discussion in the video game community's ongoing Gamergate controversy.[1][2]
The group was directly inspired by JournoList, according to its creator, Ars Technica Senior Editor Kyle Orland.[3] The existence of GameJournoPros and its leaked email conversations play a major part in the case made by #GamerGate that the game media industry is guilty of collusion, corruption and attempted censorship.
From the same nytimes article WaPo references, Gamergate started in 2014.
Gamergate must've travelled back in time to introduce journaloids and media activsts to Gamergate's "vicious tactics of online argumentation into the political mainstream." nytimes / CHARLIE WARZEL / AUG. 15, 2019: How an Online Mob Created a Playbook for a Culture War
On August 15, 2014, an angry 20-something ex-boyfriend published a 9,425-word screed and set in motion a series of vile events that changed the way we fight online. ... And it did. The ex-boyfriend’s claims were picked up by users on Reddit and 4chan and the abuse began.
I suppose Gamergate caused the Journolist 2.0 and Cabalist as well! jezebel / Harron Walker / 27 Jun 2018: Private Messages Reveal the Cis Journalist Groupthink Behind Trans Media Narratives
Singal posted these messages in the discussion forum of a closed listserv he belongs to, hosted on Google Groups. The listserv, per its “About” page, aims to provide an “off-the-record discussion forum for left-of-center journalists, authors, academics and wonks.” It has been around for at least eight years (I found discussion posts dating back as far as 2010), and has just over 400 members (403 at the time of this writing). These members include New York Times best-selling authors, Ivy League academics, magazine editors, and other public intellectuals—in short, a lot of important people who influence public discourse through their written work. They use the listserv’s forum to discuss current events, news from their respective fields, articles they’ve read, articles they’ve written, and other topics of public importance. There are a number of threads about trans stuff, and they read like a greatest hits of the past decade of trans-related cultural anxieties: whether Chelsea Manning would pose a threat in a women’s prison; Janet Mock’s contentious 2014 interview with Piers Morgan and the “Twitter mob” she inspired; Elinor Burkett’s New York Times piece about Caitlyn Jenner and womanhood; comparisons between Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal; erasure of the word “vagina”; saying “pregnant people” vs. “pregnant women”; and a number of Jesse Singal’s articles over the past few years. Tim Pool / Published on Jul 9, 2018: How Journalists Conspire to Push Political Agendas
Somehow, journaloidism's greatest failures are the fault of the journaloid's targets, not the hacks themselves.
Let's see what they say:
Well, you are giving me free publicity. So yeah, I am pretty good. I pissed you off enough
But please. Keep engaging. Keep giving me what I want. Or don't.
Way I see it, every engagement gives me free publicity. Which gets me more clicks. ....which means I get to write more of these, so please. Continue.
Or I literally make money from your attention and clicks. There's that too.
I don't know, but I am grinning at how all the hate-quote-retweets that tweet is getting sure are good for my engagement analytics. Not that they matter, but it is funny.
If hacks write stupid shit for clicks, surely it's Gamergate's fault!
It's not like journaloids STILL exploited Gamergate for clicks 5 years after it began: KotakuInAction / 15 Aug 2019: [SocJus] So the New York Times just dropped 4 articles about Gamergate at the same time... techcrunch / 18 Aug 2019 13:54:45 UTC: The mainstream media have still not learned the lessons of Gamergate theguardian / 20 Aug 2019: The Guardian view on Gamergate: when hatred escaped theverge / Aug 21, 2019: Gamergate comes to the classroom Students used to be blank slates — now they arrive with agendas slate / Aug 23, 2019: Gamergate Never Died The harassment campaign foreshadowed our toxic, meme-strewn politics—but it has also persisted in its original form. KotakuInAction / 24 Aug 2019: [SocJus] Cesar Gaglioni / Nexo - "Gamergate 5 years later. And your role to the far right" (translated from Portuguese) wehuntedthemammoth / August 24, 2019: Hate, lies and video games: Six ways #Gamergate poisoned gaming and ruined the online world for the rest of us KotakuInAction / 26 Aug 2019: [SocJus] Ophélie Surcouf / Korii - "The "Gamergate" showed that the Internet was a weapon of mass destruction" (translated from French)
As for mainstream clickbait, perhaps these classics from the Washington Post? washingtonpost / Joby Warrick / October 27, 2019: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48 washingtonexaminer / John Gage / October 28, 2019: Washington Post columnist issues correction after claiming Baghdadi not a coward
Of course, a certain writer has a dissenting opinion:
I don't expect you to have in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of journalism, but you need to understand that "clicks" do not equate to revenue. I get a salary and benefits from a company with a business department that sells ads, posts deals, and puts together other revenue generators (that are thankfully kept very far away from the editorial team) in order to ensure that we get paid on time.
This thread really sucks and despite your sudden pivot to sucking up to me, I have no patience for your generic disparagement of my colleagues' hard work. You want to criticize an article or offer specific feedback, be my guest. You want to try to get a bunch of people to dogpile on Kotaku, GamerGate-style, based on absolutely nothing but gut feelings, vague nonsense about "clickbait," and a threat to put us on your ad blocker? Piss off.
Maybe he needs to tell all the journaloid hacks from NYT to WaPo to Slate to stop writing piss.
But what do I know, I'm just the cash cow for journaloids. Colombia Journalism Review / Mathew Ingram / November 12, 2019: Everyone is admitting what they get paid to work in journalism
Imagine people getting paid $50,000 a year to write bullshit about you. Amazing!
Like journaloids say, capitalism owns!
Back to the WaPo article:
Maybe the next decade in politics and culture will bring a return to relative normalcy in which we all agree that politicians should be boring and effective and that culture should be escapist and disengaged. Maybe the movements of this decade will continue rather than fizzle out, producing an entertainment industry that’s more diverse in human and intellectual terms, and public figures who establish new ways of communicating with the public. And so maybe it is fitting that this franchise-dominated decade is ending with a cliffhanger.
Yes, let's get back to normalcy. I can't wait for every journaloid to go the way of Deadspin. Jack Crosbie / GEN / Nov 12 2019: The Progressive Press is Facing Mass Extinction Deadspin, Splinter, and ThinkProgress are gone. The mainstream media is hopelessly neutral. Who’s left to check capitalism? businessinsider / 23 Oct 2019 00:12:20 UTC: Employees at digital media companies like Vice and BuzzFeed are griping over dashed stock dreams
More crab raves, get excite!
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2019.01.04 00:21 sconemonster Just wanted to share these emotions with you guys

Hey everyone! So, me (M29) and my gf/life partner of 7 years (F28) have starting experimenting with the boundaries of our relationship about 2 years ago. At first, and for the majority of those 2 years, we were having threesomes with other women. Yes I know the general vibe towards "Unicorn Hunters" but for us it was a super safe space to experiment, since my partner is Bi, and until recently, Didn't really want to experience intimacy with men. Just by that, our communication levels rose to a new spectrum. Combine that with psychedelic experiences, and things were going great. A few months back my partner brought up to me that she thinks she wants to try kissing another man. I must admit, my first reaction was complete shock, and I closed myself up and panicked a bit. I never thought "this day" will come. But it did, and through a lot of communication, we were chipping that rock little by little. I went into a depressing spiral, not because of it. I mean, I sure it was one of the factors but I had other issues. I started seeing a therapist, which I recommend everyone who might feel like he needs it to at least try, and I started to learn a lot about myself and my desires and needs. I started to be a lot more open about her being with other men. Like, in my brain, the whole logic is there. I'm lurking here for a while now, listening to a lot of poly podcast, and just philosophy wise, i'm totally there. The problem was the emotion part. But through therapy and a lot, a lot of communication we started to break it down. My partner also shared her concerns with me about emotional attachment and other aspects of being open, and we decided to try doing more things alone, just to begin with, not sexual things. In parallel we started looking up couples in dating sites (haven't found one that we both agreed on yet, and we kinda wanted it to be a shared experience for the first time but not a mmf threesome). about 5-6 weeks back we both kinda quit our jobs to have a serious thought about our future and where we want to spend it, which led us to even more talking, especially about opening up and her being with other men. A couple of weeks ago we ended up at a pretty liberal house party that had a somewhat of a sex room in the basement which we went too and hoped something will happen but nothing ended up happening.
About a week ago, we contacted the hosts of said party and ended up being invited by them to an orgy that takes place tomorrow. I know it's not exactly poly but I want to share with you the events of the past weeks (i'm sorry, its so long!). So, the man of the couple started flirting with my partner, which was a first time in our 7 years together. She is kinda clueless about texting in a sexual way, since i'm the one who deals with tinder and the apps and she isn't much of a texter, but long story short, she might have send him some mixed singals, and he started flirting with her very directly, which upset me, kinda significantly. Mostly because I wanted us to come there pretty "fresh" and with no prejudice and just flow with it. Also, because the way he was doing wasn't to my liking. She managed to politely tell him that she wants to just get to the party and talk there. I was really upset with myself for being upset and kept telling myself I shouldn't be. It's her life, body and she can do what ever she pleases with it. Today, they opened a group chat for all the goers to the party, and at some point people started sending naughty photos, including us. Then, one of the members of the group started a side chat with my partner, and I completely let go of my anxiety about it. Like completely. He was sweet and thoughtful, and asked if it is ok to talk to her in a more sexual way knowing she has a partner. He always checked her limits before moving forward and was a total sweetheart. We had an agreement that at first we will share all sexting pretty much as they happen if were near each other, and I just loved seeing her having fun and being flattered and feeling sexy! She also asked me if it is ok to do certain things to which i replied with "You should just tell me you WANT to do it and then ask how do i feel about it rather than ask for permission", because I want to know you want to do it and it's not really for me to decide. I honestly felt a rush of love for her and happiness that she is experiencing something I experienced while talking to girls on apps and that she can have it. And not only did it not bother me, I was even turned on by how happy it made her. Really looking forward for tomorrow, and really looking forward to keep exploring our relationship limits.
Just had to vent it out and had nowhere else to, sorry for the long post :P
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2018.08.23 19:14 AntonioOfVenice Alex Dalbey / Daily Dot: "Trans people keep getting suspended from Twitter—and they want answers" (over inciting violence) [Humor]

You know it's good when The Daily Dot tags an article as "IRL". For these people, Twitter is basically their "RL". It's also nice that the title is editorialized as hell - they were apparently completely innocent, and "they want answers". Can you imagine an article like this about people with whom Alex Dalbey doesn't agree?
Another irony is that while these people demand suspensions for disagreeing with them, they themselves were suspended for... inciting violence. An example (cited as a great injustice):
TERF politics will get you slapped and you'll absolutely deserve it"
Another objection is that some of the tweets are older.
Some of the tweets are recent, some are years old, suggesting that it is not people just reporting tweets they see, but actively searching through trans folks’ tweets for any content they can report.
Funny, I remember CNN doing that to a competitor (another fake news organization).
Some people suspect there has been an internal policy change on Twitter’s part that has now designated TERF as a slur. (...) However, others doubt that it’s a policy change, and believe it’s an organized effort by TERFs to push trans communities out of the public. One trans Twitter user, who wished to remain anonymous, shared her evidence with the Daily Dot for TERF itself not being the sole key to this censorship. “Anecdotally I’ve been using TERF constantly without consequence, and so have many others,” she said. She pointed to the Twitter account Your Fave Hates TERFs as further evidence that just using the acronym is not enough to have action taken against you.
Yet the combination of TERF and any keyword that could be considered violent seems to be all it takes to get Twitter’s algorithms to designate a tweet as abusive.
"We can't incite violence against people with whom we disagree. INCONCEIVABLE!"
Who could have guessed that advocating for censorship would come back to bite you in the ass? Who!
You have to see some of the other articles by Alex Dalbey to believe them. Examples include:
Beware of SWERFs: Sex work shamers who claim they are feminist
TERF wars: Why trans-exclusionary radical feminists have no place in feminism
Should cis straight people call their significant others ‘partner’?
Michigan court ruling suggests trans women aren’t women
Why are trans people’s passport applications being rejected? [updated]
Steakhouse customer banned after leaving server racist note and zero tip (THIS WAS FAKE NEWS)
Swimsuit model applauded for breastfeeding baby on the runway
Twitter bans Teen Vogue writer for condemning TERFs
Why is a journalist who has misreported trans issues allowed to propagate more transphobia? (lies about Jesse Singal)
Organizers cancel massive sex worker conference to protect attendees
What a worthy blogger!
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2018.05.02 15:17 StukaLied [History] Looking back at Candace Owens, Social Autopsy, and her clash with Zoe Quinn's Crash Override Network: What was known then vs. what we now know

Depending on which part of the internet you frequented in early 2016, you may remember the drama around Candace Owens and her startup Social Autopsy. It's been two years since that drama and Owens has recently been in the headlines and you may be surprised to see that yes, the Social Autopsy Candace Owens is indeed the same Candace Owens that caused the ongoing Kanye West drama and resulted in the President of the United States calling in to a TV show and complimenting Owens.
Social Autopsy was a Kickstarter project led by Owens with the goal of making a database of the "digital footprint" of anyone who made a "hate-fueled social media post," the Social Autopsy database would include their real name, where they live, and place of employment or school they attend, if applicable. Some of the motivation for this project seems to date back to when Owens was targeted with racist harassment and death threats when she was in high school, the story made the news and her harassers were exposed (one was the son of the city mayor). Owens had stated that her idea was to put an end to "internet thugging" and try to stop the reckless use of the internet to "invoke terror upon others." She was also concerned that a rise in teenage suicides correlated with the "age of social media."
From the Social Autopsy FAQ:
"Users submit a screenshot of a person’s hate-fueled social media post, which is then used to create a profile that includes their full name, place of employment, city of residence and schools."
If you missed the Social Autopsy drama and this still sounds familiar to you, that might be because it is almost the same concept as Trolltrace from the South Park series, those episodes premiered later in 2016.
The Social Autopsy concept was almost universally disavowed as a horrible idea. Yes, even the Internet boogeyman known as "Gamergate" thought it was a very bad idea. Here is one of many threads about it:
Let's take a look at how this thing started, and then see how information that was released in the months and years since then fits in. The following is mainly sourced from Candace Owens' blog post from April 18th, 2016.
Social Autopsy was announced and got some media attention in March 2016, but things didn't really kick off until their Kickstarter was launched on April 12th, 2016. Within hours, Zoe Quinn (the person whose lies and bad decisions during a relationship with Eron Gjoni were exposed in the "zoepost" in August 2014 and blew up into the scandal dubbed Gamergate) flew into multiple, angry rants about Social Autopsy on Twitter and later proceeded to slide into Social Autopsy's DMs and began emailing Owens.
In Quinn's first email to Owens, she said she wanted to talk Owens out of going forward with Social Autopsy, and described herself as "co-founder of Crash Override Network, one of the only online abuse helplines and victims advocacy groups" and "patient zero of Gamergate." Crash Override Network (CON) was conceived in late December 2014 as a ludicrous scheme with a "crisis center," lobbyists, "safe houses," 501c3 status (so people could throw money at it/Quinn), and was to be an anonymous, invite-only, "small guerilla group" that Quinn believed would be able to "actually fucking fight back" against Gamergate. CON went live in January 2015 and seems to have died around the same time as Quinn's fight with Owens, more on that later.
About an hour after the email, Owens and Quinn were on the phone, Owens described their conversation as "weird" and "unstable." Quinn told Owens that Social Autopsy was a "mistake" and that "all of the agencies and organizations that she worked with" had supposedly contacted Quinn and were "concerned" about it because minors would be "doxxed." According to Owens, this was something she and others behind the project had put a lot of thought in to, because cyberbullying of kids was a real concern for her.
When Owens was able to dismiss Quinn's initial concerns, Quinn immediately expressed fears over "vigilantes" targeting the harassers that are exposed on Social Autopsy, after Owens provided an answer, Quinn then said that Owens should be afraid of "legal concerns." After Owens discussed that aspect, she tried to get the now "frustrated" Quinn into being on the same page as her. Owens said Social Autopsy was to combat "the kind of people that threaten to put a bullet in the back of someone’s head and rape their children because they disagree with their political opinions" and here is where Owens said it got "weird." Quinn disagreed with Owens' sentiments and countered that she "KNEW those people were not bad people" and claimed that she had been part of Anonymous and that making threats was just "something they did." Owens said that Quinn did not want the people that had harassed her to be listed anywhere, and that she allegedly knew the first and last names of some of them and had never reported them.
Owens was flabbergasted about Quinn's opinion on not outing harassers and tried to "end the conversation positively" by saying that Quinn had given her an idea to make an option for people to "opt out" of having their abusers listed. Quinn did not take this well and again listed off her credentials and said Owens ought to listen to her because the organizations she claimed were concerned would not be happy with Owens' current answers. Owens asked for the names of the organizations so she could contact them directly, Quinn declined to name them. This set off red flags for Owens, who had been in contact with such organizations and knew it was unlikely they would be hiding "behind a third-party spokesperson."
Quinn then threatened that Owens didn't know who she was messing with and said that the "Gamergate" community would come after Owens, attack the Kickstarter, put Owens through "cyberhell," and be "ruthless." Owens told her that they were prepared to deal with cyberbullying and had been expecting some kind of "cyber-revolt" against the project.
Owens said at this point Quinn became "hysterical" and "beyond emotional" and started telling Owens to cancel the project immediately. Owens refused, because why should she abandon a project she'd spent so much time on just because "Zoe Quinn" told her to. Owens said she told Quinn that while they obviously were not going to see eye to eye on Social Autopsy, she hoped she would "see the value in the technology" once it launched. Quinn "broke into tears" and exclaimed, “By then it will be too late, it’ll ruin everything," and immediately hung up the phone.
“By then it will be too late, it’ll ruin everything"
...okay then. So, Zoe Quinn desperately wanted Owens to scuttle her project, not because "agencies and organizations" she refused to name were "concerned" about kids, but seemingly because Zoe Quinn was friends with people who engaged in harassing behavior and she felt they were 'good people' and didn't deserve to have their lives impacted if they were exposed by Social Autopsy.
After the phone call had ended, Owens sent a follow-up email to Quinn, apologizing for making her "so upset" and chastising Quinn for ranting about the project on Twitter hours before contacting them. Owens said if she had known that Quinn's mind was already made up she would not have had a conversation with her in the first place. She also said that she and Quinn are "different people" and that Quinn should have tried to reach out to them before going on Twitter rants, and that Quinn's public rants seemed "incredibly self-serving and harmful to [Social Autopsy's] reputation."
Around 45 minutes after that email, Social Autopsy and Owens became the targets of a mass harassment campaign. Trolls left racist comments on the Kickstarter page, began signing up on their webpage with emails attacking Owens' race, began harassing her on Twitter, and harassing emails began pouring in. As Owens described it, "Suddenly, our campaign had shifted from a positive one with plenty of support and feedback, to an ugly one with menacing threats."
Owens believed it was not a coincidence that the floodgates had been opened shortly after she had made Zoe Quinn break down in tears. Especially since the harassers seemed to be following up on the threats Quinn had made to her about "Gamergate" coming after her.
"Men, Misogyny, and Gaming. Retrospectively, that was the one thing that was apparent in every single message I received, even down to the e-mail addresses used."
Owens received a non-warning warning email the next morning with a link to a 4chan thread. This stood out to Owens not because of the vague threats, but because "This came in through to my e-mail, the address of which I had only given to Zoe Quinn when she reached out to me via twitter." Owens believed this was a slip up and proved Quinn was involved in the harassment she was receiving.
Quinn replied to Owens' follow-up email and called it an "incredibly insulting response" and told Owens that her website was "already exposing data in list format to anyone who knows how to google." According to Owens, what they had found was a "rough draft" mock-up site and shouldn't have even been live. Owens replied that it sure was weird how she hadn't recieved "a single message prior to" talking with Quinn and hearing how she "didn't think the aggressors making threats were bad people" and "was mainly concerned with protecting them." Quinn snarled back that it was "beyond disgusting" that Owens would imply she had anything to do with the people attacking Owens and told Owens not to contact her again "unless it's with an apology."
Randi Harper had been attacking Owens and Social Autopsy on Twitter from around the same time frame as Quinn. Quinn and Harper got Kickstarter to shut down Social Autopsy's fundraiser, Harper gloated and revealed this on April 15th, 2016, in what Owens referred to as a "diatribe." Harper went all out in her personal attacks on Owens, which seemed to have been sparked because Owens "publicly shit on Zoe." Harper also tried to gaslight Owens by repeatedly claiming Quinn had been trying to "help" and had tried to "patiently give you free advice" during the phone call where she ended up throwing a tantrum and crying because Owens wouldn't kill her project on her say so.
Here is where it gets interesting. Owens was amazingly prophetic near the end of her post, musing about a small group of people that could be capable of "shifting the landscape" of people's thoughts and opinions and get projects shut down by pretending to be an outraged mob and leaving comments and sending emails to "control people's perception" and "distort reality by presenting an assumed majority." I don't believe anyone knew for sure it existed at this time except members of it, but it was revealed in August 2016 this was pretty much what Zoe Quinn had created in 2014, and what Candace Owens had been targeted by after she crossed Zoe's path and made her cry.
It’s interesting, and really something I had never considered. Just how much power you could yield if you devoted yourself to creating a cyber unit. Even if it was just you and 20 other people involved, each with multiple fake accounts. If a blog piece was written about you, you could all inundate beneath it and write criticisms shifting the landscape of the other people’s thoughts. (Just watch what happens beneath this one). If a company was coming out, and said in their crowdfunding video “what we are doing is figuratively lifting the masks off of trolls” you could inundate Kickstarter with e-mail complaints about minors and make them believe they were in involved in something dirty. What you could do is control people’s perception. What is the valuation of that? You could feign friends, feign your own support, and exaggerate your own presence and significance. Yes, if you were willing to spend full time dedicated to the web, you could begin to distort reality by presenting an assumed majority.
In August 2016, two people known for being "anti-Gamergate" for years on social media were exposed as a sexual harasser and a would-be doxer, respectively, and both ended up being members of Zoe Quinn's inner circle. The first one was known as UnseenPerfidy and he was outed as having sexually harassed 20+ women, and there is a possibility he used his position with Zoe Quinn's Crash Override Network to look for vulnerable women to prey on. The other one, Izzy Galvez, was caught in a sting operation set up by Mombot where he and others were tricked into following fake bread crumbs and attempted to dox Mombot, only to have her pull back the curtain and expose them all as the hypocrites they are.
At the same time that those incidents happened, someone leaked Skype logs dating from late December 2014 to early January 2015, these logs came from an invite-only "anti-Gamergate" chat group which included Zoe Quinn, Randi Harper, UnseenPerfidy, Galvez, and many others.
This chat group is where Crash Override Network was spawned, with many of the chat members becoming the "anonymous" volunteers for CON. Analysis of the logs showed the group to be engaged in many of the same behaviors the group's members would publicly act outraged about. Needless to say, the group was extremely paranoid about their actions and the group's very existence being revealed. The group was under orders from Quinn to not keep any logs, their "serious" chat room where they plotted their bigger operations required two-factor authentication on their account, and Quinn likely attempted to get members to install remote kill-switch software in case someone compromised their computers. At the time the Social Autopsy thing happened in 2016, the group appears to have been using Slack and Quinn was "purging the logs for everyone else after every conversation."
[31/12/2014, 4:00:53 PM] Tesseract: there really can never be too much security in these because we're fucked entirely if it leaks [31/12/2014, 4:01:12 PM] SF: Are we fucked entirely? [31/12/2014, 4:01:47 PM] SF: I mean their collusion conspiracies about a fictional Anti-GG go WAY beyond the scope of this chat. [31/12/2014, 4:02:26 PM] Tesseract: irrelevant, we're pretty fucked if the existence of this chat comes out let alone the logs
While investigating for an article about the sting that caught Izzy Galvez, Brad Glasgow was told Galvez was not affiliated with CON, when he followed up by asking about the leaked chat logs proving Galvez was in their secret chat room, they never replied. It turns out that Galvez is also featured on CON's Wikipedia page (predictably, Kool-Aid drinkers steadfastly defended the CON page and refused to let anything be said about the log leaks on it, I believe they ended up claiming it would violate Wikipedia's "Biographies of living persons" policy, somehow) and Galvez is in two of the sources cited on the article, which claim that Galvez consulted CON on what to do when someone was trying to SWAT him and CON told him to preemptively call the police. Not surprising at all that a group associated with Zoe Quinn would pull something shady like pretending to be a random victim while in reality Galvez had likely spent every day of the previous months in the secret chat room that became CON, he was even there on Christmas Day.
"Although SWATting can be very dangerous for its targets—and potentially lethal, especially when officers raid homes anticipating armed resistance—Galvez says his situation was defused far more easily because he had made a preemptive call to the local police on the advice of Crash Override, and warned them that this might occur. “Dealing with the police is a new thing for me, and Crash Override has helped me immensely with staying safe,” Galvez says."
Back to Owens and the Social Autopsy mess, thanks to these logs we now know many of the members of Zoe Quinn's inner circle. Unsurprisingly, many of the people from the chat group either attacked Owens and Social Autopsy outright, or stoked the fire and fanned the flames for those who did. A few surviving examples I found from the first two days the Kickstarter was up: (Remember how Quinn told Owens that her site was accessible to anyone who could "google"? Galvez made a tweet thread demonstrating that and the other CON members spread it around)
Why was Zoe Quinn adamant about getting Owens to shut down the project? Why did she tell Owens on the phone that she knew people who did harassment were "not bad people" and she didn't want them exposed? Why did she start crying and say that Social Autopsy would "ruin everything"? Maybe because she was worried her personal army, the chat room that spent their Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and, well, hours and hours of every day for the past two years with Zoe, just might be seen as harassers and just might have been exposed by Social Autopsy. The true motive will never be known.
Quinn was caught sharing Owens' emails to her on a locked, invite-only 'Primeape' Twitter account, which potentially provoked more harassment of Owens. Quinn promptly deleted the account once her actions were discovered. (She brought it back at some point and, learning nothing, was caught using it to again incite her echo chamber after the CON Skype logs were leaked)
Jesse Singal - who is friends with Harper and was on Quinn's locked 'Primeape' Twitter list - convinced Owens to talk to him so he could prepare a hit piece on her and Social Autopsy (while puffing up Quinn and Harper at the same time), he asked Owens who she thought was attacking her on Quinn's behalf, she named Izzy Galvez, the same guy who would later be revealed as a willing member of Quinn's personal army and who evidently lied to journalists to provide positive coverage for CON shortly after it went live. Singal claimed this was absurd, even though we now know it was true, and tried to paint Owens as falling for a conspiracy from "Gamergate and men's rights activists," because of course he would. (When Owens made the news in 2018 with the Kanye stuff, Singal tweeted out his old hit piece and labeled her a "gonzo conspiracy theorist.")
Eventually Owens abandoned the Social Autopsy Twitter handle "socialcoroner" and, foolishly, left the old handle up for grabs. Someone who had a vendetta against Harper and Singal grabbed the handle and used it to harass them, leading to a thread on KIA speculating that Singal was behind it. Harper posted here and denied it was him because she had been talking to him in Twitter DMs, and said it was easily recognizable as someone who had a history of harassing her and Singal with "long unstable diatribes." This led to a divide in the chat group clique where many of them thought this was outrageous for Harper to not only post here but also paint a target on people who had been harassing her on Twitter, and in response she ended up throwing them on her anti-harassment blocklist, the same blocklist they had helped her to spread. This left a festering wound in this strange little community of Zoe Quinn's secret attack dogs, and over a year later there was outrage when Quinn was caught playing Overwatch with Harper (seriously), leading to these now-former friends furiously writing their own mini-zoeposts about how abusive Quinn was and her manipulative behavior towards them and the empty promises she made when they were working for her with CON.
It was in one of these zoeposts that a former Crash Override Network member revealed that Zoe Quinn "pulled the plug" on CON around the same time frame that Quinn and Harper had started going after Owens. Looking at all of CON's social media shows this to be the case, their final activity was a single tweet on April 20th, 2016. The CON website was discretely updated in December 2016 to state that their "crisis hotline" was "temporarily suspended" but they would be "working fiercely" to bring it back as soon as possible. It is still down to this day. Another former CON member said CON existed solely as a PR campaign to promote Quinn and her Crash Override book (multiple former members have claimed to have contributed to writing the book, and the delay was likely by it all having to be removed once she stopped talking to them), and they would give "the personal touch" package to people they believed could give them praise, while everyone else got a link to Tumblr. Quinn also promised these people working for her as CON that she would be giving them financial compensation, for the hundreds or thousands of hours of work they were doing for her, and she even promised housing, salaries, health care, and therapy - no one but Quinn saw a dime. They have also revealed that CON was using its status as a Twitter safety partner to make a hit list of accounts they tried, and failed, to get banned. Another has said that the CON chatroom spent most of their time harassing former members of the "in-group" and "attacking people that Zoe didn't like," and would only really help someone if Quinn thought it would benefit herself.
I thought that was pretty interesting, and with Owens in the news again maybe some of you others of the old guard here might enjoy taking a look back at the incident and filling in some of the holes. While Candace Owens seems to have thought all of the harassment she got was from Zoe Quinn and her minions, it turned out that she was right to some degree and a chunk of it, including her project's Kickstarter getting taken down, was indeed from people with the closest of ties to Zoe Quinn, people who had been part of a secret chatroom which had been engaging targets on Quinn's behalf for years.
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2018.03.11 02:22 scessc Google Home/Assistant registration

I just noticed that Crestron and Google got together to add support for the Google Home voice control ( I updated everything (versions below), added the "Voice Control Registration" module to my project, added signals, uploaded my project to the PRO3, then connected the SIMPL Debugger.
The instructions say to go to, copy the "Registration ID" singal to the portal, then take the one-time code from the portal and feed it back in to the "Registration Code" signal. I did this, all was good, and the portal now shows a green check mark for both Registered and Connected.
Step #3 is to connect to link to your Google account, and here's where I am lost. The portal only offers to let me link to an Amazon account. What am I missing? Is there a different portal for Google? The docs only list the echoadnimportal site.
PRO3: 1.503.3318.24705
SIMPL Windows: 4.09.04
Device Database:
Crestron Database:
Crestron Toolbox: 3.01.355.00
EDIT: Ok, first attempt to brute force it and I found the answer: Doh! Sure would be nice if Crestron had updated the "Voice Control Registration v1.1.0 Help.pdf" document.
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2017.11.17 00:15 CS9K Thinking of switching rural family over from Verizon. Need opinion on GS7 VoLTE call quality/stability in weak signal area.

I'll do my best to make this as TL;DR: as I can. I'm a long time lurker of XDA and active on T-Mobile's reddit.
The situation: I've got family that live out past the sticks in Alabama. They're with Verizon but off contract. Verizon's service is on a rural partner that only broadcasts 1x. AT&T's done some improving over the years around their place, so I sent my Lumia 640 with an activated AT&T prepaid sim in it. Inside their house, they get -113 to -118 (weak but stable) Band 5 LTE, but that's it. No UMTS no EDGE. I couldn't test VoLTE calls since the Lumia 640 only did VoLTE with T-Mobile and their rom.
The phones: They both have Verizon GS7's, which are flashable with the AT&T rom via Odin. I've been through XDA and from what I gather, VoLTE will work fine once the AT&T rom is on there (since the GS7 is unified hardware across carriers).
The question: Before I have them go through the trouble, what's call quality like on the GS7 on VoLTE in a low-singal situation? They can't make calls inside right now even on 1x, but my only VoLTE experience is with T-Mobile. They already can't make calls indoors, I don't want them to go through all the trouble just to be stuck in a similar situation.
I'm not familiar with AT&T's offerings, but on postpaid, do they offer a signal booster if you complain about low signal enough, and if so, does it boost Band 5?
Thanks all!
*edit! They'll be postpaid if they did switch.
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2017.06.29 22:40 Mirskyc Do tablet line not have access to roaming?

I'm currently in Lewisburg WV. Most of the city shows partner coverage while on both the extended LTE and the standard map. There is some fair coverage on both maps but I've learned that it mostly like won't reach that far. Shouldn't I still be able to connect to ATT HSPA and roam?
I have an LG G Pad X 8.0. It have B12 and 850mhz for HSPA. The singal bar shows almost full bars. When I swipe down on the notification bar it says NO service. Signal check Pro tells me I'm connect to GSM and says emergency calls only.
When I scan for networks US Cellular LTE shows up. ATT LTE and HSPA show up but it greyed out. I have data roaming turned on in the setting too. My billing cycle just started and I've never roamed before.
I don't have time to give T-Mobile a call right now so figred I ask here if any one has any ideas?
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2016.04.19 22:51 RedPillDetox Red Pill Detox First Aid Kit - Start Here!

Welcome! Wether you feel like Red Pill has brought you more harm than good or you simply wish to question Red Pill views you're on the right place. This post is composed by a collection of scientific and rational posts from different authors, both in reddit and other websites, to help former red pillers (men and women) to recover from red pill.
Through this series of posts you're gonna find scientific and reasonable arguments with the aim of at least making you start questioning what you "learned" on TRP. Open discussion is encouraged, as long as it's respectable and (also) backed scientificly and/or logical (no pseudoscience). Please, note that i do not really wish to "disprove" TRP nor forbid you to follow it: Actually, i believe that everybody is entitled to believe and follow the path they wish to, even if they chose the path that we, former TRPers, personally disagree with and don't advise to anyone. Rather, i desire to raise skepticism on you and make you start questioning what you believe, with science, reason and empathy. But in the end, you're free to chose your own path, to see whatyou agree with and decide what's right or wrong in both TRP and our arguments.
Your friend,
Red Pill Detox
Posts from reddit:
Posts on the web:
Note: This post is constantly updated
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2016.02.20 12:09 whoppingface [H]4 Quicksell knives [W]Keys

4 knives at 85 percent
m9 Bayonet Ultraviolet MW - 78.37k
Huntsman Stained FT - 25.91k
Karambit Ultraviolet FT - 68.5k
Shadow Daggers urban Masked FN - 42.61k
Bayonet Damascus Steel MW - 48k
b/o Keys - 263 k for all - Prices above for other knives singally
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2015.09.29 13:27 ADampDevil The U.N.’s Cyberharassment Report Is Really Bad

I thought this was a really good article on the Cyberviolence report.
The U.N.’s Cyberharassment Report Is Really Bad by Jesse Singal
Rather than just attacking it lack of focus, terrible referencing and numerous other issues, it actually looks at some of the issues raised but the report, and the fact it was a real missed opportunity and a bungled mess.
I wondered if other here felt the same?
Do you think headlines like Time Magazine's help?
U.N. Says Cyber Violence Is Equivalent to Physical Violence Against Women
To me most people are going to dismiss such a claim, thinking how can words be equivalent to an actual punch. I think most people know the kids nursery rhymes
"Sticks and stones will break my bones But words will never harm me."
It's only when you get into the article you get this statement.
“Dead is dead,” says Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Under-Secretary-General of the U.N. and Executive Director of U.N. Women. “Whether you are dead because your partner shot you or beat you up, or you killed yourself because you couldn’t bear cyber-bullying, or you were exposed to many of the sites that lead people to suicide pacts— bottom line, we lose a life.”
Which is a bit easier to agree with. The report isn't as clear that it is talking about this extreme, it says.
“cyber touch is recognized as equally as harmful as physical touch,”
Without clearly defining what it means by "cyber touch", is saying "please go set yourself on fire." as bad as actually punching someone, or actually setting them on fire?
Clearly bullying is wrong, and can get very nasty if you can't escape it, and can lead to life changing/ending consequences, but can it really be equivalent?
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2013.03.29 07:05 MetroSaskwatch FacePunch - Wet Toast (Original Mix) Second singal my partner in production and I made, new synths and everything !

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Dr Sanjeev Singhal, Partner, Indian Member Firm of EY Global Waltz : How to Follow your Partner Meet Woman That Breaks World Record By Sleeping With 919 ... Paper Mario - All Bosses - Goombario Single Partner Single Man Line Dance - YouTube Single Women Share Their Dating and Rejection Horror ... Paper Mario - All Bosses - Kooper Single Partner - YouTube Singal SIGNAL - YouTube

SIGNAL IDUNA Biztosító Zrt. - Partner Portál

  1. Dr Sanjeev Singhal, Partner, Indian Member Firm of EY Global
  2. Waltz : How to Follow your Partner
  3. Meet Woman That Breaks World Record By Sleeping With 919 ...
  4. Paper Mario - All Bosses - Goombario Single Partner
  5. Single Man Line Dance - YouTube
  6. Single Women Share Their Dating and Rejection Horror ...
  7. Paper Mario - All Bosses - Kooper Single Partner - YouTube
  8. Singal
  9. SIGNAL - YouTube

MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement Cassie Jaye TEDxMarin - Duration: 14:48. TEDx Talks 6,318,154 views The American Matured movie actress and director Lisa sparks popularly called Lisa Sparxxx (born October 6, 1977) who is 37years old competed against two othe... Part 9 of my Single Partner Series, featuring Kooper. This challenge run has no other 'official' rules, although I refrained from using all Jump and Hammer B... SINGLE MAN Choreographed by Stefano Civa Description: 32 counts, 2 walls, 2 Restart Low Intermediate line dance Music: Single Man by High Valley Provided to YouTube by JYP Entertainment SIGNAL · TWICE SIGNAL ℗ 2017 JYP Entertainment Released on: 2017-05-15 Lyricist: J.Y. Park 'The Asiansoul' Composer:... Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, body positivity, women’s experienc... Part 8 of my Single Partner Series and the very first for Paper Mario 64, featuring Goombario. This challenge run has no other 'official' rules, although I refrained from using all Jump and Hammer ... Introduction of the Session and Speakers and a video Presentation on Global Accounting Reforms by Mr. Thomas Muller Berger, Head, IPSAS, EY (Germany) Dr Sanjeev Singhal, Partner, Indian Member ... Learn to dance in 10 minutes - easy partner dance basics - Duration: 11:09. DanceClassVideo 2,483,622 views. 11:09. Connection exercise - Improve your Lead & Follow - Duration: 2:05.