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A comment for the Girl With Polka Dots that was way too long, Character Count, and also Berry Seinfeld; Hey, Did you know that Jerry Seinfeild can afford a Gotland Class Submarine? He should do a Captain Nemo Routine; 𝔚𝔥𝔞𝔱 𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖑 𝔚𝔦𝔱𝔥 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔰𝔢 𝕷𝖊𝖆𝖌𝖚𝖊𝖘 𝔟𝔢

2020.07.16 16:31 JonathanPhillipFox A comment for the Girl With Polka Dots that was way too long, Character Count, and also Berry Seinfeld; Hey, Did you know that Jerry Seinfeild can afford a Gotland Class Submarine? He should do a Captain Nemo Routine; 𝔚𝔥𝔞𝔱 𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖑 𝔚𝔦𝔱𝔥 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔰𝔢 𝕷𝖊𝖆𝖌𝖚𝖊𝖘 𝔟𝔢

A Comment to this post, by, girlwithpolkadots
I meant what I said, I like how much she said and how much supporting evidence she used and I'm going to read what she said several times and have more to say about the subject; when people are practiced speaking to people who aren't an,
Object of Manipulation, they, have a lot to say; our congress needs a phonebook to read from to filibuster, what does this say; it says, that what girlwithpolkadots is worth listening to, that it is worth what it's worth when she says it to herself, and,
apropos of which, also, but in general, and I wrote the sentence below earlier so wtf am I to do I didn't go to editing school I'm a graduate of my streets my friends I'm skrewed, but, I think that the as-if-it-were-from-person-in-line-at-grocery, casualness, of commentary, makes it casual to dismiss or censor all of them; that, anybody, with a lot to say has valuable things to say, even or especially, in, small amounts but that; Letters to Milena?
It's probably rude to read that book, or, something, but look up some excerpts from it and remember that Milena was killed by the Nazis
That's why Nazis are Bad, A, B?
What are they, what is Kafka saying to her that doesn't sound Edgy?
My love for you is the knife I drive into my heart; I want to read books that read like a suicide, this is very, Edgy, but it's very true and very true contrary to conventions we know to be false; defense of those conventions by an ommission unnoticed, it's....Not Gonna Work,
Goofies, You Dumb Bolognas; this is Russian Peasant Emma Goldman,
Puritanism, in whatever expression, is a poisonous germ. On the surface everything may look strong and vigorous; yet the poison works its way persistently, until the entire fabric is doomed.
Read the Rest, PLEASE
From well before there were talkies, the talkies pictures.
...and it might be worth considering if this might not be a better way to comment; you know?
Like, it's difficult to disambiguate the,
"I'm at the literal grocery store, so, here's my thoughts right quick"
"I'mat the desk I would write letters on, if it weren't 2020, and I've got the time to write as long as I want but it's an awkward proposition amidst a lot of people at the grocery store," or, a waiting room; have you guys every noticed that the standard-american-dialect-of-self, somwhat, is, null, at, Eye Doctor Waiting Room?
That, glances and smirks and chit-chats appropriate all add up, on facebook, I think, to eye doctor waiting room and it's odd because nobody likes that place/shrrugemoticon,
Here's where the comment starts:
I'm the Grandson of one of these, and I say this because I'm interested in talking to you in regards to these things and you just wrote this big long schpiel like I would and it makes me want to know you; anyway, I'm 100% sure it's where the term Vampire comes from; Ostrobothnia, in the Helsing Forest, and it's,
There's this tendency, as an American, to use British points of reference, and, in paradoxical and insane sort of ways when it comes to our Language Itself, do this, without thinking about it;
Like, and I think especially, due to, the, idiot decision to use English as an international scientific language while dropping basically any distinction as to whether a Formal Statement by an expert counts as an contribution to the discourse the same as an argument published through a paper and I think we know I think we know that the papers know this and it's why rent seek like terrible while experts consider their expertise in and of itself a disqualification from interaction with the real world, or, at least in that field it's because we live in a society that Strictly, Strictly, Adheres to a Formal Hierarchy, which, quite simply, does not exist and inasmuch as it does anymore there are no claims to the Christ God giving it authority over some or another dominion and there is not any,
Biological or Entmogical or Anarcho-Collectivist Rational to any, anymore, anyway, so, That's Pretty Gefickt but Double Here's the thing,
Look at sexual consent laws in Finland; they, are not based on astrological superstition, e.g. years; it's really, very, obvious if you're looking at it through this, my, lense, whatever you would characterize mine as that,
A. lacking any traditional stories of significance B. Because Henry Ford Did not Like Adults C. Literally, an adult isn't afraid of anything, that's an adult D. Afraid of Nothing because they lack the luxury, "adult" E. Make it numerical, an entropy number, bye bye...rights. F. This is obvious to me but it's also obvious that the thing a person has ever had which has allowed them to assert anything of consequence as an American and that's it, is,
My Number of Years; not my, "cycle of seasons," or anything like that, "my stopwatch counting s/m/h to 24 and in the mode of the Mediterranean Catholic Church but in an ideal of an equatorial day, 365 times.
Now, I am pretty sure that the true or historical nature of sexuality is utterly alien from the medieval proscriptive nonsense as it's practiced; for an example to give some credible context:
Bathing, for 1000 years adults avoided all immersion in water, at all, under any circumstances due to the concerns they had that this was going to get them sick; the reality wasn't anything like that, at all, so much as the Hierarchical Authorities of
Animals that Don't Need That, they do not need Instruction
....had to come up with some shit like that of some kind and this was a useful paradigm for as many reasons as there are pictures through a window; the Vikings looked Pretty, it made the layfolk envious,
"Yah it's also proof they savage, tho," husbands, "it's disgusting, how pretty they are, so full of disease," grimly, geile.
That is real; notice that the medieval catholic church came up with the idea that sexuality was for reproduction; this wasn't biological science, this was medieval hierarchical instruction.
Notice that the Bee uses it's Egg Laying Parts to Inject Mammals with Poison and Die, as a result of this, that's a far cry from,
"only using them for babies," the fact is that if nothing designed this on purpose, comma, nothing with a direct line to a middle aged white man, comma, designed this on purpose, explicit period and implicit exclamation mark, then,
Nothing is true everything is permitted by natural law, healthfulness is determined by destiny, which is not known, lives can not be saved in advance though they can be killed and death can be attributed if you want to play the grimmest duck duck goose although it's a volitional choice to do so; nothing matters and it can not matter that matters and so Important and Significance is a Personal and The Personal Choice of Significance, at all, and that we are made of ash, only, and what we love, may be, if we are lucky, and if we make it so, the only, at all, thing which we are made of is utterly, 100% true.
It's insane to say that 18 astral cycles makes an adult, it's, a sham and an especially gross one to shame-cycle and artificial environment and poorly educate an child into an 18 year old body, and it's super gross to do so as a means of making her into someone's property, in, an economic adjacency, that's, hardly, at all hidden; my, Very Good and Very Interesting Friend Meetra has a lot more on that then I do but I can tell you this:
It's like the pornhub incest thing; it's like americans are literally, non-figuratively taught to fetishize age and British People too, and, in much the same way that I suspect half of Britain was like,
Woe this destiny, Woe That I must Resist My Urges to Touch the Dongles at Privy les I be Burned Upon the Faggot for Buggering Mineself with them orbish nobules, and these, splonge-shaped oblongs, Woe is my fate indeed what woe
While, like; it's not liberation, so much as, an abstraction, from that, which allows a person to chill the fuck out; honestly, it's like:
Some people seem to think that Shame Makes Sex Way Better; look around reddit, look at hotwife, it's, I think, the same phenomenon and in addition to all of this,.
Sex and Society, Middle 1950's, pelican, blue and cream cover
They're Right
They were like, "Yo. Medical Science thinks that people aren't sexually mature until they're 25 or 30 but these new studies are saying that's not true, and if that's not true, we are fucking people up so hard that they are pretending like it's true, they might not even know that they suppressed their adulthood and pretended to be catfish lolitas and loliters for ten years, and that, that is very fucked up, and we've got to do something about this, like, Motherfucking Yesterday,
Which, and here you're going to see the complexity, the,
Fucking Recursion of it: there is nothing more, at all, in the conceivable world, fucked up, than placing a person who has to fake pre-pubescent for a decade and that is what they used to consider suppressing all speech and behavior that would indicate to other people that you have sexual interests or ideas or any desire for partnership, which you do, and pretend you don't and accept that you will not have until an political adulthood, an not-ever in any way recognized adulthood, no ceremonies, no sacred games, not fucking nothing, so good luck shedding the trappings of a childhood you've been faking and even more-good-luck ever talking about this with anyone else do you see how bad this is, how awful and it's worse, it is the worst thing when that is all true, and then,
You Are Forced to Share A Third Identity, Reality with a Rapist
What do I mean by, "third idenity," I mean,
There is the one which is you, most truly, including all sexual thoughts and feelings and those where sex and love overlap, very most especially; is there a difference between sexual and non-sexual love?
I am not so sure, and it is very fucking sad as an adult who knows that the best part of love is sleeping in someone else's lap, holding hands and being in the spiritual and existential present with another person and that kids with no sense of sin or shame attached to sexuality, well, what's going to end up; I, Jonathan, have not been a virgin and a teenager at the same time I grew up in a rich nook of an extremely poor city with only a few peers on earth and arguably the most violent place outside of a warzone; my friend Abdul says it's a mile more fucked up than anything he's ever seen in sub-saharran Africa and he is seen a lot and he is from Somalia, so,
I have be theoretical when I'm talking,
"Virgin Teenager," it's something I can empathize with but only through my imagination, not my memories; but I do know this:
I know that Muggings are not different than panhandling and not taking no for an answer; I've won a fair number, I'm very brave, and I've pulled a Juul on a Gun before; while trying to discharge the gun into my belly, on the wrong side, I would have died I would have shot me in the liver but it worked; look:
We Miss the opportunities for agency, in, cinema and other narrative artwork the same as we miss the flicker of the still images and the considerable difference in tense, from, reality; everything we just saw is a shorthand, as we see it, for this-has-happened, and then this has happened, it's cutting out the now and going straight to it's happened, is my, point, and so we miss the real horror of real attempts to abrogate agency, if, we're judging reality, by, an extremely, heavy, lean on this form.
Incels, that things they, talk about?
That's real, that's how they, used to breed; no, literally, where the fuck did Hapsburg Jaw Come From, in terms of, consent to sexual activity, resulting in a certainty, of, Hapsburg Jawed Babies?
You ever seen eraserhead?
Fucking Mild, my, I hope, Friend; fucking mild by,
Hapsburg-Wife-life-reality, you know; now, in a society,
Exactly, To a T, Like I've Described Up Earlier?
There are I'm Supposing,
The Shame People, the Odd Me who Makes Marla Singer Jokes about themselves and Imma be real with you: I also smoked Angel Dust, Crack, uh, what else all of the things at stupid young ages to prove I wasn't a pussy; to myself, my 16th birthday, was,
At a Nightclub in Firenze and Basically, the, Plot to that One Birthday, party, themed episode of Girls Except for I was 15 turning 16 and I was in Italy, with, drugs I'd smuggled from swtizerland and my parents were not in Italy, also.
So Shame People, Me, however many, Alienated Dreamers, I guess, I mean a lot of odd people but all alike and all for their own and often weird reasons (mine isn't entirely unrelated to the Baroness, technically, from the Helsing Forest I hung out with all the time, frowing up, NOR the literal Bleeding Disorder of an Czarovitch'n't, get it, that my, Sister had and I understand a lot more about the Romanovs than most people: Contemplate with empathy, what, it means to have that and know that a child will die from that; I talked to a very, $300 an hour mourning counselor with a Columbia M.D. more than my literal parents for the decade before I was 20; I don't begrudge them: they knew they crazy a.f. and everything was last-even-though-she-hadn't-first-everything, you know, and everything I did that wasn't wholly, like, making last polaroid with sister was an Angel Agnostic Deep Sin, on their end, emotionally, and,
I mean: things which bruise or cut, that this will be the way, that it's statistically, medically, very unlikely not to be and soon, but,
Whooooo Knows Fun Game
It's an especial crazy making like you have no idea, and it's also an extreme super-power when it comes to petty, burgomasters and patriarchs with an ideology of Holy Youth and it's like:
I have none of your memories, except, as things used a bludgeon against me; also I didn't do them, also I did do literally, all of the sex and drugs I could manage and also took as many AP classes as would fit in my schedule and also got A's in them with no parental help but also skipped all of my gym and typing and other such classes so bad that they thought I was failing out of school; so, my general inclination has been, like,
Negotiate, Try, On This Ratio?
No, Hole, I want Hole and also try no reward all scared no happy,
PLEASE, that's what I want; it really, truly, does do for you what money and privelege is supposed to: it makes you strong, and,
Look at these Fucking Billionaires
This Woman I feel, I am Insulting, if, I call her a Woman
She's a Fucking VValkyrie, why, praytell, doth her light shine so bright despite having so many fewer tokens?
I think it's because the tokens don't work; not really, they, do work at the game of tokens; Saint Louis City, Women are like that here, and I am so fucking,
Proud of Us for that; it's not everywhere in Christendom that has a Matriarchal Warrior Culture the Men of White Power are Afraid of; they, are, it's obvious.
You know who the Maenad Were, what Attica Was, Is, it's not a Prison; it was never a prison, that's a branding like Kafka is an Enterprise Server or Nikolai Tesla is a Car, you know?
These People Live like a mile away, from, Guessing Here
That's the Hospital, later in the video; I think, not sure but I think it's Barnes Jewish; anyway,
Remember that Margaret Meade was Slurred as a Liar
No no: that guy who did it knew he was lying; my point is that he thought that no one know the difference once he had tied up the loose end on that, the, woman who said women are ever assertive, you feel me?
Listen to Side b, the transition into Trigger Happy is the fucking best my favorite; that bish made of dirt, man, she's the real thing she's not kidding; side A is very good too and I don't know who has control of my g-mail account but it's not me. Anyway,
Listen to this for an oblique take on some of these themes,
...and then consider that allowing sexuality, to, remain something which, not only,
Not only do youths not talk about honestly, or, ever, they, Have No Baseline Healthy-them dialogue to deviate from when they aren't; now, luckily, for me, I grew up with parents consumed with a tragedy, while, also having scandavian values and not so much interest in anything not sad those years so I was just allowed to have friends spend the night and I know my mother would really, really, really dissaprove of my treating a, "dating," as not a Friend, primarily, which it is, which is somewhat what I was getting to:
I will be celibate as required by society, is, also,
Not realizing that 99% of a relationship is composed of time spent together, speaking together and hearing their voice in your head is so much more of it than learning what a footjob is from your Puerto Rican Dancer girlfriend who learned it from her dead boyfriend whomst your jealous of but know you shouldn't be and now you're thankful for her mom being so good; I mean, she recognized that once the drug dealer neighbor wasn't among the living, the right thing to do was to allow her daughter to own being sad about his being dead, not embarassed or ashamed that she knew him or not trying to make her that way, anyway,
It taught me a good lesson that I felt and knew to be true but also didn't expect an adult to be living like in the world, which:
My point exactly, the thing about Medieval:
At a Baseline, the Instruction Justifies the whole shebang; shebang'n't but replaced with an elected Calvinism, like,
As if that's not how the pope lets the God Vote, like; well, it's causing nearly, all of the problems:
Diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day—more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. Diarrheal diseases account for 1 in 9 child deaths worldwide, making diarrhea the second leading cause of death among children under the age of 5.
This is because, for the first time since Pliny the elder, though for a hundred years-ish, start the clock whenever our drug fever caught them on up to now,
But, and I'm going to repeat this,
Since Ancient Times, if you had Urban Water, Aquaducts, Urban River, Anything Like that, You had Paregoric; paregoric makes the nerves in your intestines numb, and so you don't die from the immune reaction that's your-intestines version of a cytokine storm of covid; that keeps you from breathing, this keeps you from letting water into you; if your intestines are so sensitive that they get-it-out with NOTHING in them, then, the water can't stay long enough to get in you and you can't keep it out long enough to get calmed-down before you die of dehydration; it's not,
"too sick, " it's, "fucked up stasis," so no amount of cleaning water is going to make it anything less than SOME, a lot, actually, that this happens to and,
Here's the thing,
On an individual basis?
Enslaving a young, usually, woman, by, means of protocol:
I know that you're not a pre-pubescent child and I know that you're acting like one anyway and now you can't pretend around me but you have to hope I don't feel like it; that fucking sucks, anybody, who, Could Possibly, At All Mistake That For Love?
Is Fucked Up In Such a Way I'll Also Draw From Finnoscandia
Something something killed something something
Hunting, Hunted
They're Not People; not, Really, they, look like people but they, are very, dangerous if they, do not know that they, are a slave or a servant; this,
Her Grandson will translate into:
White people who think that the game is real, and the not-game is fake; it's the opposite, there is not Real Mortgage, that's a Game, there are real Loves.
Those aren't people; those aren't people and they used to cull the serfskies in cold places; how do you kick someone out of a cold place, in the winter, if there isn't enough food but more likely because of something that they have done?
I've kicked someone out of a house for hitting a woman, once, in the middle of winter in the middle of a city and even though I had a gun and I can be horrifying and I was and I wrote 'fucktard' on a bullet, the caliber of which the Taliban use to shoot down helicopters, and threw it as his face: he still came back and banged on the door and tried to pry it off of the hinges
Non-Americans: the central part of america has really high and low temperatures for the same reason aas Siberia; big amount of land, that does this; it was definitely, I think, below 0 farenheit; that's -18 or so celsius.
My Point is: why are they still afraid of a butterfly, lieben?
Why isn't my friend Lamja afraid of Butterfly?
What used to happen in that watermill, what did the mommies tell the baby serfskies where the daddy serfskies went to?
That and I know a little bit of old world magic because I taught myself because I'm fucking dope, that's why, but I'll tell you this:
You induce Uppgivenhetssyndrom in yourself your blood pools like you are actually dead it is so fucking odd; for one, it's odd, for two, everything looks different, especially by the roadway,
Bigger, Dirtier, uglier, farther apart, for three you see what cats see, for real, for sure, more or less....a very slow to dissipate semi-particulate distressance at the source of an sound; is it a mouse?
Almost certainly, though you can stop and consider it and it feels as if you can choose what it's going to be, the same way that you can, somewhat, though, not ReAllly, choose how you're going to feel; you're in conversation with it, and I'm not sure what the implications are.
I do know that it's in the same place where violence lives, heavy, wet, cold, warm, frission like fucking crazy, heavy, heavy, time are silverly; I do know this: I'm brahmin, of Europe, that's where this stuff comes from; the serfskies can not tell me that it's more mundane than I think it is if they don't understand that patriline is a lie to slave them, that Cowardice is a Sin, and that Women are not like men; women live forever, you are your mother's mother's mother, no death between you, not ever, that's you; men die in this life; what we do matters, our life?
In the continuance, sense, peretuity?
No, it doesn't; Calvinism and the Gotta Go Business work to, what, Make the Oil Death of Everything Faster?
Or the Plastics Death, or, the Debt Enslavement, or, the Banking?
That's a lie.
These hands are ash, these arms are ash, these eyes, this mind, these thoughts, all Ash, and that is it that is all they ever were
In circa Resignation Syndrome on Purpose, my pupils are gigantic perfect circles: the right brain sees in the peripheries, it's blind in the light, and I look like a Little Boy who needs a space blanket; for real, a little boy who needs a space blanket, but when I smile?
Even I think it's fucking scary; like something Very Badly Hurt, smiling; I had this idiot fucking roommate-for-free it was charity, named Bret, and I know exactly, exactly, what it would like it were,
Come To the Watermill To Mill His Grains,
It Got Me, the Butterfly, lieben, it got me and all of this, all of this life you've led has been a prayer to me all of those prayers those selfish prayers they don't go to your god darling they go to, they go to, they go to
Look in the BBC world service archives and you can here a 12 year old who sounds like a 45 year old mom talking about being an airline stewardess while her heart is literally, literally, for real stopped; she's dead, and she's speaking more calmly than most people can muster, about how she wants to be an airline stewardess and can't find people, she's at the wrong time as them, where are they?
You Know Why?
What's an Anchoress?
The product of Atheism, that's what; our idea of Not Fun, or Punishment, it's something that Julian of Norwych was correct about, her Shewings, which I love, that's an adorable words; I love her, she was right: nobody, not anybody, can take or give you anything; no one.
Alchohol is an binding of yourself to the chemical totem, that's how it works, study, any, alcoholic you'll see that and how it induces an ant-groundhogs day, in them; observe what it does to a free animal, see?
The Girl is Free, the Mans are Not; the mans in costume are free, the mans who are American Contractors are not, and they, have been taught such a simple, simple, fragile story, to, replace all of the meaning that was created not-so-hard-just-play, you know?
Oh and also:
This is the couple counter this lady, say, re: light
(I kindadon't like to read what I've just written)
Also u/Berry_Seinfeld is right; also: I'm sure she's got more money, her parents own a really, super nice restaurant
Your Friend,
Jonathan Fox
I agree with Foucault Regarding Discourse and Discursive Contributions, that, it's a lot more nuanced than we think, what's appropriate, and a lot more oppressive; I'm trying to do the most-useful contribution that I can with what I've written, and I think that it's probably this; as a post, I'm not sure about whether it's more of a premise or a discussion but Shrug Emoticon I'm doing my best
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2019.04.30 05:45 psymonilla The best GR Jedi rework would be releasing another Old Republic toon

Hear me out here.
What the GR jedi team really needs is a great leader with some attack. If only the was a legendary grand master that could fill this role. Oh yeah. Grand Master Yoda.
The biggest problem with the GR jedi is that their natural leader is being sucked up by the old republic jedi team because he offers the OR jedi team a few things they desperately need.
Gaining turn meter to make multiple big damage attacks per round. AOE damage to kill low health targets behind a tank. Buff spreading. Do these traits sound like any other famous Jedi?
That's right. The Exile Meetra Sulik. As of now it seems like they're saving her and her buddies to do one last ancient journey in the future. The problem is nobody is going to care as much as they did for Revan, and everyone will most likely still be burned out on the OR by the time it happens.
Instead, releasing the Exile and friends now in Marquees to wrap up the OR would give people some relief, and allow the addition of a new Jedi into a still meta OR Jedi team while the hype is still there (thus profits.) It would, at the same time free up GMY just in time for Clone Wars, and if Meetra was designed to synergize with OR jedi, could free up GK by making Juhani a reasonable choice. They could rework GMYs leadership to be a bit more up to date and bam, all the GR jedi get a little more useable as B teams.
Here's an example Exile kit to show how this could easily be achieved.
Basic- Master Flurry Deal special damage and gain 30% turn meter. If the enemy is sith gain speed and tenacity up and inflict offense and potency down for two turns.
Special- Force Wave Deal special damage to all enemies and inflict daze for 2 turns. Enemies that are already dazed are stunned.
Special- Enlightenment Grant Influence to one Old Republic ally. Gain offense, critical chance, critical damage and defense up for 3 turns. Grant these buffs to all allies with Influence, calling them to assist.
Influence: Gain 10% turn meter for each debuff suffered.
Unique- Exile When Meetra gains one or more buff, she gains 15% turn meter for each buff gained.
z- When Meetra drops below 100% hp she gains foresight for one turn and grants all characters with Influence bonuses based on type. Tank: Gain taunt for one turn. Attacker: Gain armor penetration up for one turn. Support/Healer: Gain tenacity up for one turn.
Tl;dr: Release Meetra Sulik as a marquee to free up Yoda and GK for GR.
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2015.01.01 21:06 RigasUT Self-proclaimed KotOR historian here. Here are the results of my research attempting to discover the birth date of various KotOR characters. (Hugely WIP)

First of all, I will list all the confirmed birth dates, and information for each one and how it was derived can be found below. Characters who are still getting worked on will be placed below concluded characters.
Also, I'll make a list of all the global variables that will be taken into consideration for all characters. Explanations for each one will be provided right below.
#1: The age when a Jedi youngling "comes of age" and can become a Jedi Padawan is 13-16.
Let's use the example of Mical for this. We know that he was born in 3976 BBY. When he came of age to become a Padawan, the main conflict of the Mandalorian Wars had begun, and Meetra Surik, who he had hoped would take him as a Padawan, had already joined the conflict. We know that she joined the conflict in 3963 BBY. Since the Mandalorian Wars ended at 3960 BBY, we have a 4 year period during which Mical "came of age". Therefore, the minimum age to become a Padawan is 13-16.
Canderous Ordo: 4014 BBY
In 3956 BBY, Ordo told to Revan that he's fighting since he was 18, and that he's been fighting for 40 years, meaning he was 58 years old.
Juhani: 3974 BBY - 3973 BBY
She has stated that she was only a few months old during the Battle of Cathar, which took place in 3973 BBY. That means she was born in 3974 BBY - 3973 BBY.
Mission Vao: 3970 BBY
During 3956 BBY, she stated that she was 14 years old several times.
Meetra Surik:
#1: She was born "roughly 10 years before" Bastila Shan.
#2: Her latest possible birthdate is 3989 BBY.
Regarding #2: we know that, when Meetra Surik was a Padawan, Kavar was her informal Master, and during that time, he left to participate in some of the skirmishes at the very start of the Mandalorian Wars. And since, due to global variable #1, we know that the minimum age to become a Jedi Padawan is 13, we know that Meetra Surik was at least 13 at 3976 BBY, when the Mandalorian Wars broke out. Therefore, her latest possible birthdate is 3989 BBY.
Bastila Shan:
#1: She was born "roughly 10 years after" Meetra Surik.
#2: Her latest possible birthdate is roughly 3979 BBY.
Regarding #2: it can be easily derived by combining Bastila Shan's fact #1, Meetra Surik's fact #2, and global variable #1.
I'm open to requests, you can leave yours in the comments.
Big thanks to user cassinpants for being a huge help.
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